Rosangela Rennó exhibition extended @Red Brick Art Museum Beijing

We live in a world that is increasingly saturated with images. Their number is growing so exponentially that the space for visibility seems to be literally inundated, as if it can no longer contain the images that constitute it. The exhibition ??????????é ??? ?????? (Image Supermarket) at the Red Brick Art Museum in Beijing addresses the different questions that arise as we inhabit […]

Lawrence Abu Hamdan @Kunstverein Nuremberg

In his new exhibition The Witness-Machine Complex  Lawrence Abu Hamdan examines the role of the simultaneous translators and the then-novel electronic acoustic infrastructure deployed to enable their work at the Nuremberg Trials in 1945/6. The Witness-Machine Complex opens on September 16th, 2021.

Marwa Arsanios @CAC Cincinatti solo show

Marwa Arsanios will be presenting her expansive filmic quadrilogy Who is Afraid of Ideology ? at the CAC Cincinatti. This series of films taims to contrast frameworks of ownership, extraction, and accumulation, with ideas associated with feminism, collectivism, and grassroots revolt. The exhibition opens on September 17th, 2021 and will also host the world premiere of the last chapter of the […]

Teresa Margolles group show @Museo Carrillo Gil

Teresa Margolles is currently presenting her concrete sculptures ¿De qué otra cosa podríamos hablar? (What Else Could We Talk About?) at the exhibition Alegorías del Mal Gobierno(Alegories of a Bad Government) at the Carrillo Gil Museum in Mexico. The exhibition is a large survey of modern and contemporary works brought together by curator Jesse Lerner, referencing the political […]

Oscar Muñoz @Phoenix Museum

Oscar Muñoz: Invisibilia, the first mid-career survey of Colombian artist Oscar Muñoz’s work in the United States, opens the 11th of September at the Phoenix Museum in Arizona. Beginning with his early, stark charcoal drawings from the late 1970s, whose approach to light and shade continued to impact Muñoz’s aesthetic in later photographic and video works, the […]

Cevdet Erek [email protected] Void Gallery

In his new exhibition Beating A Retreat, Cevdet Erek draws on conditions of production from a distance as the exhibition has been developed remotely due to COVID 19 travel restrictions. The global economic imbalance and disparities between countries’ responses to the pandemic thickened the borders and enforced regulations on the movement of people or goods which […]

Hajra Waheed @mor charpentier

Join us on Saturday September 4th for the opening of ???????? ?? ??????? by Hajra Waheed. In her first all-painting show, Waheed features tightly scaled works on paper and a series of hand-bound artist books. In her earlier processes of working in the “exploding book form,” typically bound materials were de-paginated, separated and recombined; here, Waheed turns to […]

Lawrence Abu Hamdan @Bienal de Sao Paulo

Lawrence Abu Hamdan will be presenting a new version of his audiovisual installation ????? ??? at the 34th Biennial of São Paulo. This work uses the sounds and stories from Abu Hamdan’s self-constructed sound effects library. The accoustic inventory, presented as an animated text projected on a sceen, is sourced from earwitness interviews the artist conducted, as well as from trial transcripts across the globe. A […]

Lawrence Abu Hamdan @Bonniers Konsthall

Whose testimonies are heard by our legal entities? Whose voices are ignored? Are all testimonies created equal? Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s new exhibition ????? ???????? questions the ways in which testimony is presented, as well as who can speak in which spaces and what conditions establish the possibility to make a claim. Whether is through his video installations, his sound libraries or […]

Voluspa Jarpa @ MAMBO

In the midst of the riots that occurred in Chile from October 2019 to March 2020, Voluspa Jarpa invited collaborators to reflect on the phenomenon of protest and the themes of resistance and rebellion. Her latest exhibition ???????? is the result of this research as it analyzes the mechanisms of abuse conceived by an authoritarian regime against a national […]

Voluspa Jarpa @La Térmica, Málaga

Discover Volupsa Jarpa’s research on the human zoos of the XIX and XX century as well as her recent cartographic works in the exhibition Al sur del sur (To the South of the South). The exhibition will be a part of the 2021 edition of BIENALSUR, an art biennial with outposts around the world organized by the UNTREF (Universidad de Tres […]

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