New exhibition @mor charpentier

We are pleased to invite you to Charwei Tsai‘s solo show at mor charpentier Paris, “Under the Same Sky”. This show features Charwei Tsai’s multimedia works, which celebrate traditional skills, materials, and philosophies from diverse cultures. With a profound connection to nature, Tsai’s art is a tribute to the wisdom of various communities and their […]

Voluspa Jarpa, Mario Merz Prize nominee

We are thrilled to announce that Voluspa Jarpa is among the five finalists for the Mario Merz Prize, 5th Edition, in the Art category. The Mario Merz Prize, held every two years, was established to identify and celebrate key figures in contemporary visual art and music composition. It is the only international prize for art […]

New artist @mor charpentier

We are pleased to announce that Malo Chapuy will be joining mor charpentier as a represented artist. Chapuy is attracted to the concept of anachronism, presenting within the same pictorial space characters drawn from the renaissance repertoire with buildings inspired by modern and functionalist architecture. He seeks to highlight the discrepancy specific to the artistic field today, […]

Next exhibition @mor charpentier

We are pleased to announce Nohemí Pérez’s upcoming solo show at mor charpentier Paris: El jardín de Amado The show will present a series of works by Pérez in which she delves into the depths of the Putumayo jungle in Southern Colombia. Through the exploration of color, embroidery and texture, the show explores the narrative […]

Charwei Tsai nominated to the Nouveau Regard prize

We are pleased to announce that Charwei Tsai has been nominated for the Nouveau Regard prize by AWERE. The other three nominated artists for the Prize are Laura Huertas Millán, Malala Andrialavidrazana, and Basma al-Sharif. The award rewards the work of female artists on the French scene, responding to the lack of visibility in France and abroad and highlighting […]

Marwa Arsanios @Kunsthalle Bratislava

These are the final days to discover Marwa Arsanios work at the Kunsthalle Bratislava’s show Marwa Arsanios: Micro Resistances, curated by Jen Kratochvil. Marwa Arsanios’ first solo show in Slovakia delves into two in-depth research paths on micro-resistances in a specific time and place amid larger societal struggles. Arsanios explores ecofeminism, alternative social organizations, and […]

Guadalupe Maravilla @Ballroom Marfa

Discover Guadalupe Maravilla’s “Mariposa Relámpago” at Ballroom Marfa. This is the artist’s largest sculpture to date, which incorporates natural materials, handmade objects, and items collected while retracing his migratory route. Maravilla’s artworks also contain a cosmology of potent symbols and objects that connect the artist’s personal journey with ancient practices of the Indigenous Mayan peoples; […]

New Exhibition @ mor charpentier

Sylvie Selig’s solo show Forever sailing around my mind is now on view at mor charpentier Paris! The exhibition explores the artist’s role as a visual storyteller whose fables captivate and interrogate, provoking contradictory emotions in the face of her enigmatic images. The works presented in the exhibition are a fascinating journey through a universe […]

Bianca Bondi @Noor Riyadh Festival

Discover Bianca Bondi’s work in this year’s Noor Riyadh Festival Bondi’s installation Beltane Oracle celebrates nature, rebirth, and fertility, drawing on esoteric traditions such as the European maypole through poles in burnt wood, surrounded by sand and thirteen ceramic bowls that are spread across the ground next to holy water ponds. Her Tidal Spill tapestry re-creates […]

Rayan Yasmineh @Les Abattoirs

Rayan Yasmineh’s exhibition as one of the winners of the 2023 Mezzanine Sud Award is now open at Les Abattoirs For this project, Rayan Yasmineh develops an overall theme around three major cities in the Arab world: Baghdad, Damascus and Jerusalem. Each of these cities is mentioned with reference to a plurality of events and stories, […]

Lawrence Abu Hamdan @Frac Franche-Comté

Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s first monographic exhibition in France is now open: Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Aux frontières de l’audible at Frac Franche-Comté. The show, curated by Sylvie Zavatta, explores Abu Hamdan’s research on the political, social and legal dimensions of sound and hearing through a complex group of works. Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Aux frontières de l’audible is […]

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