Theo Mercier

mor charpentier @ Frieze New York

We are pleased to announce our participation at this year’s Frieze New York!  mor charpentier presents a selection of works that depart from a profound critique of reality and echo Surrealist aesthetics, creating a sense of uncanniness and employing different forms of irony. The stories of migration, labor inequalities, and ecological distress are explored through techniques […]

mor charpentier @ARCO

We are pleased to announce our participation at this year’s ARCOmadrid fair! This time, our project wants to draw a survey of “immaterial” portraits that tell us about reality, identity, and how we see the world through the eyes of different artists. The proposal is divided into two large blocks: the first is dedicated to […]

mor charpentier @ArtBasel Miami Beach

We are pleased to announce our participation in this year’s ArtBasel Miami Beach 2022, celebrating the 20 years of the fair! mor charpentier presents a program that explores the relation between ruins, relics, reconstruction and rebirth. The works showcased in the booth question the strong aesthetic fascination that the remnants from the past have exerted over […]

mor charpentier @Paris+ by Art Basel

We are pleased to announce our participation in the first edition of Paris+ by Art Basel opening on October 20. Our booth explores an idea of liquid and fluid memory, which can flow and expand, repair fractures, but at the same time manifest itself in forms that evaporate and fade away. From Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s concept […]

Théo Mercier @Conciergerie

Théo Mercier’s exhibition OUTREMONDE, The Sleeping Chapter is now open at La Conciergerie in Paris with Le Centre de Monuments Nationaux. The show is a restorative journey through wounded sleep and dreams in an environment that is both deserted and alive, linked with the concepts of rest and regeneration. The Salle des Gens d’armes is proposed […]

mor charpentier @Frieze London

We are pleased to announce our participation in Frieze London 2022 opening on October 12. For this year’s edition, our presentation is organized around two thematic axes. The first one tackles the historical relations between the West and the global South, focusing on the consequences of colonialism, the migratory crises that affect the planet, the exploitation of […]

Théo Mercier @Luma Westbau

Théo Mercier’s second phase of performances of his exhibition Dream Hunters hosted at Luma Westbau will take place between August 28th to 30rd as part of the Zürcher Theater Spektakel. In his work Théo Mercier explores themes of abjection, psychoanalysis, and transcendence. His performances evolve towards a complex cross-disciplinary approach to include concerns around the function of […]

New OVR: Anthropophagy

Historically, anthropophagy was practiced among some humans during rituals as a way to absorb the qualities of the individual that was being eaten, like the bravery and courage of a defeated warrior. This idea of incorporating another’s qualities through deglutition is the foundation of Brazilian « Anthropophagy », theorized by Oswald de Andrade in the […]

Théo Mercier @Luma Westbau

Théo Mercier’s second chapter of his OUTREMONDE cycle: Dream Hunters hosted at Luma Westbau is now open! The installation presents sand-sculpted beds and dogs in a labyrinth of elements linked with the concepts of rest and regeneration. The performative activations reflect on the way in which the intimate and the affective are invested with suspense, possibilities, […]

Kader Attia and Théo Mercier @La Vieille Charité

Discover Kader Attia and Théo Mercier works at La Vieille Charité exhibition Objets migrateurs – Trésors sous influences. The show proposes a look upon the concept of migration as a constitution of civilization, focusing on the objects as carriers of cultural enrichment. The exhibition presents Kader Attia‘s Les entrelacs de l’objet, where the artist addresses […]

Théo Mercier’s exhibition OUTREMONDE

The exhibition ?????????? by Théo Mercier constitutes a sort of gray zone where the white cube of the art museum and the black box of the performance hall meet, while incorporating the artist’s two practices of sculptor and director. Mercier has transformed the basement of the Lambert Collection into a dune landscape where sand has invaded every corner. This […]

Théo Mercier @Le Portique, Havre

The solo-exhibition Nécrocéan explores Théo Mercier’s artistic practice as the artist takes us through a mysterious journey. In order to make each work, Mercier recuperated objects from the trash in Mexico City and transformed them. The exhibition evokes the universe of the sea as an invitation to travel, but also and above all as a space for […]

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