Rossella Biscotti

mor charpentier @Art Basel Basel

Art Basel Basel 2024 is now open! For Art Basel Basel 2024, mor charpentier presents a selection of works that showcases the artists’ profound sensitivity to the current moment, each producing evocative visuals capturing the contradictions of the modern world. Art Basel Basel is on view until Sunday. See you at booth J16!

Rossella Biscotti @ Castello di Rivoli

Discover Rossella Biscotti’s first institutional anthological exhibition, Title One, I dreamt, Clara and other stories, at Castello di Rivoli. The exhibition, curated by Marianna Vecellio, includes Biscotti’s installations, sculptures, performances, sound pieces, and films, grounded in a concept of history understood as an ecosystem of active relationships. The works on display, spanning her 20-year career, investigate […]

Rossella Biscotti @Diriyah Biennale

Discover Rossella Biscotti’s Buru Rubber works at this year’s Diriyah Biennale After Rain. Inspired by The Buru Quartet (1980-1988), a literary series by Pramoedya Ananta Toer that recounts stories of oppression and dissent set in South-East Asia which explore how nationhood has been narrated through the bodies of women, Biscotti produced a series of rubber-based […]

Rossella Biscotti @Castello di Rivoli

We are pleased to announce Rossella Biscotti’s first retrospective in an Italian museum institution: her solo show at Castello di Rivoli. The exhibition, curated by Marianna Vecellio, will include a corpus of works that illustrate the transitions between private and public dimensions, past and present, minor history and document, society and environment. The proposal explores […]

Rossella Biscotti @Rijksmuseum

Discover Rossella Biscotti’s installation Clara at the Rijksmuseum exhibition Clara the Rhinoceros. The show explores the story and importance of Clara the Rhinoceros, which arrived in the Netherlands in 1741, when Dutch sea captain Douwe Mout van der Meer brought Clara to Amsterdam from India. Biscotti’s installation Clara consists of three piles of brick that […]

mor charpentier @Artissima

We are pleased to announce our participation in this year’s Artissima Fair opening on November 4th. For Artissima 2022, mor charpentier wants to develop a second chapter on the theme of the human landscape, not as a term to describe man-made structures and practices of reshaping the land, but as research on the traces of the […]

mor charpentier @Frieze London

We are pleased to announce our participation in Frieze London 2022 opening on October 12. For this year’s edition, our presentation is organized around two thematic axes. The first one tackles the historical relations between the West and the global South, focusing on the consequences of colonialism, the migratory crises that affect the planet, the exploitation of […]

Nohemí Pérez and Rossella Biscotti @ Cuenca Biennale

Discover the works of Nohemí Pérez and Rossella Biscotti at this year’s Cuenca Biennale. This year’s Biennale focuses on traditional and ancestral knowledge, critical ecofeminism focused on future scenarios. Nohemís’ work ?? ??????????? is a photographic -music score mural that is activated by a soprano. This performative installation talks about violence in Colombia and the visual aids through which […]

Rossella Biscotti @ Fondazione CRC

Rosella Biscotti’s piece ???? ???? will be part of the latest Fondazione CRC exhibition ??????? ?? ???????: ?? ????? ?????????? ????? ?????????? ??? (PAINTING IN PERSON: The New Collection Of Fondazione CRC)opening next Saturday November the 6th. The exhibition will show the institution’s latest acquisitions on contemporary art. Biscotti’s piece focuses on the titan arum, the […]

Rossella Biscotti and Milena Bonilla @NEST

Is it possible to be a Revolutionary and Like Flowers? is the title of NEST’s latest exhibition and the artists included in the show answer this questions with a resounding yes. Showcasing the works of artist such as Rossella Biscotti and Milena Bonilla, the exhibition explores that the flower as a symbol can seduce, comfort, […]

Saâdane Afif and Rosella Biscotti @Beaufort Triennale

Experience a performance by Saâdane Afif and a new work by Rossella Biscotti during the Beaufort 21 Triennale. Vanished islands, sunken wrecks and fossils tell a multifaceted story, where each participating artist will explore contemporary and historical themes through the Belgian coastline. From May 27 to November 7, 2021, the Triennial of Contemporary Art will […]

Rossella Biscotti’s and Bouchra Khalili’s works @ MAXXI Museum Rome

Discover the works of Rossella Biscotti and Bouchra Khalili in the exhibition A Story for the Future: MAXXI’s first Decade at the MAXXI Museum in Rome. The exhibition, which pivots around five major themes, is conceived as an analysis of the development of the institution in response to the great challenges of our time. It looks forward to be a […]

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