Established in Paris since 2010, mor charpentier represents both emerging and well-established artists whose conceptual practices are anchored in the social realities, history and politics of contrasting geographic regions, with special attention to the Global South. By promoting engaged practices internationally, the gallery aims at broadening the knowledge about the crucial debates of the present.

A significant inaugural show with Colombian master Oscar Muñoz fulfilled a void in the French artistic scene, and set a tone for a program focused in content and willing to broaden the spectrum of origins, subjects and identities in the art market. Ever since, a growing number of major international artists have join the gallery. Coming from global backgrounds and different generations, they all share a commitment with either political, feminist, post-colonial, queer or human rights causes. 

In 2021 mor charpentier opened a second exhibition space in Bogotá. This expansion was driven by the will to widen the reach of the gallery program to new publics as well as to fulfill the desire of the artists to explore new territories. It also consolidates a long-term bond with the Latin American scene, a strong commitment to support the Colombian artistic ecosystem, and confirms the international projection of the gallery.


Inside of mor charpentier art gallery in Paris
Tuesday — Saturday
11am — 7pm
61 Rue
de Bretagne
Paris, France


Inside of mor charpentier art gallery in Bogota
Tuesday — Saturday
11am — 6pm
38 # 16-25