Alexander Apóstol

Alexander Apóstol, Teresa Margolles, Óscar Muñoz, Daniel Otero Torres and Nohemí Pérez @CAAC Sevilla

Discover the works by Alexander Apóstol, Teresa Margolles, Óscar Muñoz, Daniel Otero Torres and Nohemí Pérez in the current CAAC (Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo) exhibition “Territorios: arte contemporáneo latinoamericano en la Colección Jorge M. Pérez.” The show presents a selection of works by more than 50 latin american artists, through an intellectual and emotional route which […]

Alexander Apóstol @MAMBO

We are pleased to announce Alexander Apóstol’s first institutional solo show in Colombia: Postura y Geometría en la Era de la Autocracia Tropical, curated by Cuauhtémoc Medina and Eugenio Viola. The exhibition addresses the artist’s exploration of national identities related to sexuality and gender, examining the decline of urban and industrial modernism in Latin America […]

mor charpentier @ARCO

We are pleased to announce our participation at this year’s ARCOmadrid fair! This time, our project wants to draw a survey of “immaterial” portraits that tell us about reality, identity, and how we see the world through the eyes of different artists. The proposal is divided into two large blocks: the first is dedicated to […]

New OVR: Apóstol en Bogotá

Discover our latest OVR, Apóstol en Bogotá now up on our website. The Online Viewing Room proposes a solo show composed of two photographic series by artist Alexander Apóstol. It delves into his perspective on Bogotá’s architectural history, vibrant color schemes, and the evolution of social projects. These series shed light on the artist’s connection […]

Alexander Apóstol and Lawrence Abu Hamdan @MUAC UNAM

If you are in México City, don’t miss the chance to visit Alexander Apóstol solo exhibition Postura y geometría en la era de la autocracia tropical and Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s Crímenes transfronterizos at MUAC UNAM The former is curated by Cuauthémoc Medina, exploring Alexander Apóstol’s research regarding Venezuela’s (and Latin American) modernist projects, analyzing how the […]

Alexander Apóstol @CA2M

Discover Alexander Apóstol’s retrospective exhibition Postura y Geometría en la era de la Autocracia Tropical at the CA2MCentro de Arte Dos de Mayo.The show proposes a look upon the last two decades of the artist’s work regarding his analytic approach to the aesthetic processes of political construction of his natal Venezuela. The impact of his […]

mor charpentier new Online Viewing Room: American Boy

Discover the works of Alexander Apóstol, Daniel Correa Mejía, Paz Errázuriz, Teresa Margolles, Carlos Motta and Rossângela Rennó in our new Online Viewing Room: “American Boy”. The works that compose this selection seek to question the male portrait and its complexities through lenses that challenge the traditional notions of masculinity. The Viewing Room will be […]

Alexander Apóstol, Hernando Toro, Oscar Muñoz, Carlos Motta and Rosângela Rennó in the exhibition “I wanna be with you” @MAMBO

“I wanna be with you” is a group exhibition that investigates the notions of contact, interaction, communication, proximity, exchange and collaboration strategies, in contrast to the concepts of isolation, seclusion, social distancing, detachment and separation. The project offers an exceptional itinerary of the history of Colombian and international art from the 1970s to the present. Thus, […]

Rosângela Rennó, Yoshua Okón, Alexander Apóstol and Oscar Muñoz @Musée du Quai Branly

Spotlight on contemporary creation. For the first time, the Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac is inviting twenty-six artists from across the world to take part in a truly contemporary exhibition focusing on different relationships to photographic and filmed images.

Alexander Apostol @ERG Brussels

IN / BETWEEN PLACES brings together artists and poets / writers who have contributed to PLACE, an online magazine that promotes meetings between various artistic practices and theoretical writings. For the first time, the Exhibition brings these artists together in a specific physical setting in order to create a dialogue between the virtual space of […]

Alexander Apóstol Symposium @MoMA

Organized as part of MoMA’s celebration of a major gift from Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, the symposium seeks to build on questions around the perception of South American art, focusing on the intellectual frameworks that characterize our ever-changing present.

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