Fredi Casco

Fredi Casco for Fondation Cartier @Lille3000

Discover Fredi Casco’s Dibujo para no olvidar for Fondation Cartier in the frame of Lille3000, Utopia. The exhibition Les Vivants encourages us, by looking and listening, to consider non-humans as our equals within a vast shared world that belongs to all living creatures. Dibujo para no olvidar is a video which is located in the north of Paraguay, between […]

Fredi Casco @Museo del Barro

Discover Fredi Casco’s take on the photographic image appropriation from magazines, family albums and postcards in the exhibition ?? ??? ??????, on view at the Museo del Barro in Asunción, Paraguay. Curated by Itala Shcmelz, the show proposes a look into the new possible stories that Casco creates through a new lens for their posterior reading. […]

Fredi Casco @CO Foundaton Berlin

Discover the works of Fredi Casco in Send Me an Image, an exhibition that reflects on the relentless progression that image production has had on the last few years. From the romantic concept of tourist postcards to the current amount of images that overflow social media, Send Me an Image provides a critical view of our societies current […]

Edgardo Aragón, Teresa Margolles & Fredi Casco @Museo Amparo, Mexico

The Missing Circle is a three-year series curated by Magalí Arriola, KADIST collection Regional Curator for Latin America, departing from the shared experience of death and extinction in Latin America from colonial times to the present. Consisting of a series of seminars, artist commissions, and exhibitions, The Missing Circle explores the various manifestations of death […]

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