Uriel Orlow

Uriel Orlow at the Edge

Along with previous works, Uriel Orlow’s new film Imbizo Ka Mafavuke will be on view at The Edge in Bath, UK. The films will be screened until the 23 of June.

Uriel Orlow at Parco Arte Vivente (PAV)

The work of Uriel Orlow will be exhibited in the solo-show What Plants were Called Before they had a Name at Parco Arte Vivente (PAV) in Turín. The exhibition will be on view November 5, 2017–March 17, 2018.

ARTBO 2017

Carlos Motta,Teresa Margolles, Uriel Orlow, Charwei Tsai, Edgardo Aragón, Milena Bonilla, Enzo Mianes, Rosângela Rennó, Yoshua Okón, Alexander Apóstol, Voluspa Jarpa and Fredi Casco

Uriel Orlow in Theatrum Botanicum

Uriel Orlow will present his solo-show THEATRUM BOTANICUM : THE MEMORY OF TREES, from the 24th of September to the 10th of Decembe 2017, at Parc Saint-Léger, in Pougues-les-Eaux.

Uriel Orlow at MuCEM

The work of Uriel Orlow is part of “Document bilingue”, a new exhibition curated by Sabrina Grassi and Erik Bullot at the Musée des civilisations et de la Méditerranée (MuCEM) from Friday July 7th until November 13, 2017.

ARTBO 2016

Alexander Apóstol, Edgardo Aragón, Milena Bonilla, Fredi Casco, Maria Elvira Escallón, Voluspa Jarpa, Teresa Margolles,Enzo Mianes, Carlos Motta, Uriel Orlow,Charwei Tsai – Corferias, Bogota.

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