Uriel Orlow

Kader Attia, Uriel Orlow et Lawrence Abu Hamdan @Berlin Biennale

Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer que Kader Attia sera le commissaire de la 12e Biennale de Berlin, qui aura lieu du 11 juin au 18 septembre 2022. La proposition de l’artiste s’intéresse à la pensée décoloniale en tant que conversation permanente qui permet la réparation dans différentes sphères de la société. Attia s’intéresse particulièrement à la […]

Uriel Orlow @Momentum 11 Biennial

Uriel Orlow présente actuellement son film acclamé The Crown Against Mafavuke (2016) dans le cadre de la biennale Momentum 11 curatée par Théo-Mario Coppola. Le titre House of Commons fait référence aux notions de communalité et de partage explorées par des penseurs tels qu’Elinor Ostrom. L’événement est marqué par la convivialité et l’horizontalité. En plaçant […]

Uriel Orlow @British Art Show 9

Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer la participation d’Uriel Orlow ay British Art Show 9 à la Hayward Gallery Touring. L’exposition ouvrira à Wolverhampton le 6 mars 2021 et sera présenté ensuite à Aberdeen, Plymouth et Manchester. L’exposition sera présentée dans de nombreuses galeries et espaces d’exposition dans chaque ville, ce qui donnera lieu à un programme […]

Uriel Orlow @Taipei Biennial

Uriel Orlow will participate in the 12th edition of Taipei Biennial. Presented by Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM), Taipei Biennial will take place this November. Co-curated by philosopher Bruno LATOUR and independent curator Martin GUINARD, along with independent curator Eva LIN, who has been specially invited to curate the public programs, this year’s biennial will showcase a line-up of works […]

Uriel Orlow @British Art Show 9

The British Art Show is the biggest touring exhibition of contemporary art in the UK and it is widely acknowledged as the most important recurrent exhibition of contemporary art produced in the country. The curators of BAS 9, Irene Aristizábal and Hammad Nasar, have made their artist selection after extensive research and travel across the […]

Uriel Orlow @State of Concept Athens

State of Concept Athens presents the recent film of Swiss artist Uriel Orlow, “Learning from Artemisia”. An in depth research of the medicinal plant “artemisia afra”, the three-channel video installation, is an atmospheric, at times harsh and deeply informative journey through the histories of medicinal plants and their relationship to geopolitics. Artemisia afra is an […]

Uriel Orlow Digital Screening @La Loge Brussels

While temporarily closed, La Loge is sharing a small selection of Uriel Orlow’s work over the course of the two following weeks, of which one film, Imbizo Ka Mafavuke (Mafavuke’s Tribunal), is included in the exhibition Learning from Artemisia.   https://www.la-loge.be/event/imbizo-ka-mafavuke  

Uriel Orlow @Curatorial 19

On the occasion of Rundgang at Städelschule, the students of the master’s programme Curatorial Studies present the Water Cooler Talks. For three days, this series of events provides an open platform to exchange and discuss ideas together with artists, curators, theoreticians and activists on shifting boundaries in the contemporary art world(s).

Uriel Orlow solo-show at the Kunsthalle Mainz

For his solo show at Kunsthalle Mainz the artist has developed a route through the exhibition that takes visitors room by room from the origins of colonialism via the anti-apartheid movement through to contemporary concerns. Plants are both the narrators and protagonists here, anchoring all the events in the present day.  

Uriel Orlow at Le Cube, Rabat

Leave No Stone Unturned [Remuer la terre] is a collective exhibition, curated by Clelia Coussonnet, that highlights the links between plants and politics in Morocco and other countries of the global South, while rejecting the idea that nature is ornamental and neutral.

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