Lawrence Abu Hamdan

Lawrence Abu Hamdan performance @Gray Center Chicago

Artist and audio investigator Lawrence Abu Hamdan, writer and art historian Hannah B. Higgins, and UChicago professor and theorist W.J.T. Mitchell (Departments of English and Art History) come together to explore the ways in which what we hear and how we hear it impacts our ability to perceive and understand things visually.

Lawrence Abu Hamdan TALK @Architects Association

In 20/20 Symposium considers the universe of image production, the vision systems that distribute it and the underlying frameworks by which it shapes the present moment.  Through presentations, panel conversations and talks from contemporary artists, filmmakers, media theorists, curators and technologists, the day looks back at images as a way to bring visibility to the present […]

Turner Prize

The Turner Prize 2019, presented in partnership with Tate and Turner Contemporary, has been awarded to a collective bringing together the four nominated artists. The nominees – Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Helen Cammock, Oscar Murillo, and Tai Shani – came together to request that the jury consider awarding the Prize to them as a collective. In […]

Marwa Arsanios and Lawrence Abu Hamdan at the Sharjah Architectural Triennial

Marwa Arsanios considers practices in agriculture and farming as the starting point of her research. She has investigated communal farming practices by eco-feminist groups in places such as northern Syria. This resulted in the production of two films, presented as a video installation in this year’s Sharjah Biennial 14. Arsanios’s research for the triennial expands to communities […]

Lawrence Abu Hamdan @Hamburger Bahnhof

Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s audiovisual works and installations explore the political implications of language and communication. Traces of governmental or corporate violence and mechanisms of surveillance and propaganda reveal themselves in the scope of auditory perception. The exhibition at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin focuses on the video and sound installation This whole time there were no landmines (2017) […]

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