Voluspa Jarpa, Teresa Margolles and Oscar Muñoz @Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Discover the work of Voluspa Jarpa, Teresa Margolles and Óscar Muñoz in the latest Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art’s exhibition: “Necroarchivos”.  

The exhibition explores artistic responses to state-sponsored violence across the Americas, focusing on the concept of the “disappeared” from the 1960s to the present day. It showcases contemporary artworks that address censorship, human rights violations, and various forms of violence, including dictatorial regimes, the War on Drugs, femicide, and border conflicts. The exhibition aims to uncover suppressed narratives, emphasize the importance of art as a means of remembrance and witness, promote research, and seek justice. Through diverse artistic expressions, “Necroarchivos” examines the spaces between life and death, challenges traditional definitions of art, and highlights its potential impact on society.

The show, curated by Adriana Miramontes Olivas, is on view until December 08, 2024.

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