Uriel Orlow @CIAJG

Discover Uriel Orlow mixed media installation, Reading Wood (Backwards) in the latest exhibition “Troubles With Primitivism – a view from Portugal” curated by Marta Mestre and Mariana Pinto dos Santos at CIAJG – Centro Internacional das Artes José de Guimarães.

Uriel Orlow’s “Reading Wood (Backwards) explores the historical connection between colonial expansion and modern timber industry practices, focusing on the concept of wood libraries (xylariums). Using the Xylotheca of Palacio Calheta in Lisbon as a starting point, Orlow examines how forests become libraries serving Western knowledge systems and extractive economies. The work references the history of Madeira’s deforestation and its role in early capitalist economies, as well as the legacy of botanical expeditions to Portuguese African colonies. Orlow questions the impact of transforming nature into archived knowledge and considers what restitution of the natural world might entail, challenging viewers to reconsider human-nature relationships and colonial histories.

“Troubles With Primitivism – a view from Portugal” is on view until November 17, 2014. Don´t miss it!

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