Uriel Orlow @British Art Show 9

We are pleased to announce that Uriel Orlow will be a part of the British Art Show 9 by Hayward Gallery Touring. The show will be opening in Wolverhampton on 6 March 2021 and will be touring to Aberdeen, Plymouth and Manchester. The exhibition will be presented across numerous galleries and exhibition spaces in each city, resulting in an ambitious and wide-ranging programme that explores new tendencies in artistic practice. The curators of BAS 9, Irene Aristiz√°bal and Hammad Nasar, have made their artist selection after extensive research and travel across the UK. The artists presented in the exhibition respond in critical ways to the current complex context; imagining more hopeful futures and exploring new modes of resistance. Through their works, they propose alternative economies and ways of living together that emphasize commonality, collaboration and care.