Théo Mercier won the Jury Prize @The Prague Quadrennial

We are pleased to announce that Théo Mercier’s site-specific installation GUT CITY PUNCH has won the Jury Prize at the Prague Quadrennial

The project formulates a radical production model based on the borrowing of materials in short circuit, somewhere in tension between a maximalist visual impact and a minimalist ecological impact. It offers the spectacle of a city displaced within architecture and disembowell by urbanization. In what looks like a landslide, a sinkhole or a construction site entirely sculpted in sand, various sand pipes emerge, like post-industrial guts that inhabit the belly of the earth.

Congratulations Théo!

Curators: Théo Mercier & Céline Peychet
Sand sculptors: Jeroen Advocaat, Enguerrand David & Jiří Kašpar
Music: Joseph Schiano di Lombo
Project assistant: Marius Belmeguenaï
Sound mix: Clément Labre
Sound technician: Zdeněk Altynski
Electricity & lighting technician: Pavel Hrstka
Compactors: Marian Marsalek, Martin Sustr

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