Théo Mercier @Luma Westbau

Théo Mercier’s second chapter of his OUTREMONDE cycle: Dream Hunters hosted at Luma Westbau is now open!

The installation presents sand-sculpted beds and dogs in a labyrinth of elements linked with the concepts of rest and regeneration. The performative activations reflect on the way in which the intimate and the affective are invested with suspense, possibilities, tension, and desire.

For the duration of the exhibition the sand sculptures will transform as part of the performative activation, and through living organisms and plants that have been incorporated in their construction. Allowing a degree of indeterminacy, the landscape will continue to grow and expand independently of artistic control. The end result is unknown, adding an element of sentience and surprise to the life of the work.

Dream Hunters is open until September 4, 2022. The upcoming performances will take place from August 28 to August 30, 2022. Don’t miss it!

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