Terra Nostra @mor charpentier Bogotá

Our inaugural exhibition ????? ?????? at our new space in Bogotá reflects on History, territory and belonging. Terra Nostra stands for “Our Land” — the Earth that we share, our common ground— underlining the bonds and dependabilities that link human existence across the planet.

mor charpentier’s opening exhibition in Bogotá is a project that seeks to explore the representations of a political landscape for the contemporary world.

Through the works of Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Kader Attia, Cheng Ching Yuan, Daniel Correa Mejía, Bouchra Khalili, Teresa Margolles, Carlos Motta, Oscar Muñoz, Uriel Orlow, Liliana Porter and Charwei Tsai, the exhibition presents the analysis of reality present in the terrain and its symbolic values.

????? ?????? opens on November 25th. Don’t miss it!