Teresa Margolles @Mattatoio

Discover Teresa Margolles’ latest project ????????? ????’?????? (????????? ?? ?????), the fifth chapter of the Mattatoio curatorial program “Sensitive Devices”.

The environmental installation proposes a series of actions that unfold without a particular pace through the duration of the exhibition, filling the interior of the exhibition space and also the urban space of the city.

Through a personal language, Margolles creates a work in which a compendium of material traces left by the violence perpetrated are now seen, proposing a complex memorial of lost lives and of places where trauma still resonates. She draws a metaphor from which death, linked with the concept of border, is a limit that is paradoxically reached only at the moment when we no longer exist, not allowing us to recount it as we would have wanted.

Curated by Angel Moya García, ????????? ????’?????? (????????? ?? ?????) is open until June 16, 2022 at Mattatoio di Roma. Don’t miss it!