Teresa Margolles, Kader Attia and Paz Errázuriz @MAVI

Discover Teresa Margolles, Kader Attia and Paz Errázuriz‘s works at the latest MAVI exhibition Así van las cosas (The Way Things Go). The show questions the notion of instability and precarity, next to the idea of progress from different points of view regarding the social, economic and political contexts of our days.

Teresa Margolles’ Ya Basta Hijos de Puta is a narco-message that was being used from 2010 between two rival bands in search of the territorial control in Ciudad Juarez. This series of messages is linked with the violence brought by the trafficking development surrounding the city.

Kader Attia’s video Oil and Sugar records in real time a close-up view of crystalline cubes of sugar stacked like bricks on a silver platter. The use of these materials links with contemporary relationship with slavery, as oil is constantly associated with colonization.

Paz Errázuriz’s series Niñas proposes a reflection on photography itself as a means of visibility, documentation, identification and control in the images of different brothels in Santiago de Chile and Montevideo.

Así van las cosas is open until July 3rd, 2022 MAVI, Chile. Don’t miss it!

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