Teresa Margolles @Frac Grand Large

Discover Teresa Margolles’ photograph of Osiris, part of her Pistas de Baile series at the upcoming Frac Grand Large exhibition De Leur Temps(7), Un regard sur des collections privées.

This series of pictures shows transgender sex workers proudly standing on the remnants of dance floors from demolished night clubs in Ciudad Juárez, a landscape in which ruins and devastation are the subject. Nonetheless, they show us their best self, as if they were asserting themselves amidst the destruction.

De Leur Temps(7), Un regard sur des collections privées proposes a look upon private collections and their relationship with public institutions. The show presents contemporary works that offer new forms of representation, suggesting different ways of relating to our environment and revisit forgotten aspects of art history.

De Leur Temps(7) opens this Saturday January 28th, 2023 at 15h30. Don’t miss it!

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