Teresa Margolles @Bienal de Arte Lanzarote

Discover Teresa MargollesPesquisas at the IX Bienal de Arte Lanzarote exhibition Bienes Ocultos, which reflects upon the relationship between art and politics.

For Pesquisas the artist photographed the “missing women” signs pasted all over the streets of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. She then printed large blow ups, emphasizing their material decay. The signs, consisting of a photograph and information about the victims, are referred to as “pesquisa” (inquiry). Throughout the years, the information on those paper signs fades, becomes discolored, mutilated, turning into part of the urban landscape. External agents such as the weather and people intervene in their transformation, which makes the signs, at times, unrecognizable.

Bienes Ocultos explores subjects such as borders, the downfall of democracy, the migratory pressure, femicides and the concept of necropolitics, proposing a critical analysis of the structures that allow these dynamics.

The Bienal de Arte de Lanzarote is open until November 7, 2022. Don’t miss it!

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