Rossella Biscotti @Musée d’art contemporain de la Haute-Vienne, Chateau de Rochechouart

The exhibition Eroded Landscape surveys three decades of acquisitions for the museum’s collection, revealing an uninterrupted fascination with art that is minimal, schematic and condensed in form. Art in this mould is fundamentally indicative of keen interest in perceiving the visible and invisible world, even after its oblivion. Eroded Landscape is a reminder of one of the museum’s founding thematic threads, that of landscape and its appropriation by contemporary artists. Consequently, corrosion, traces of material presence and erasure, feature prominently in this new display of works from the museum’s collections. Selected works by 16 artists are displayed in Rochechouart Castle’s 1st and 2nd floor galleries and the exhibition proposes a poetic itinerary centred around memory or souvenirs and the use of simple forms to transcribe natural phenomena.

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