Paz Errázuriz @Centro de la Imagen

Discover Paz Errázuriz’s work at her solo exhibition Formas de decir aquí at Centro de la Imagen in the frame of Mexico’s International Photography Festival (FIFMX).

The exhibition presents different four corpus of Errázuriz’s work linked with social, affective and political resistance: Los nómadas del mar, portraying the last survivors of the kawésqar ethnic group; La manzana de Adán, founding work of the transvestite imaginary in Chile; Próceres, a series in tension between transvestism cornered before the symbolic fall of the armed forces; and Sepur Zarco, photographs of women from the Mayan Q ́eqchí community in Guatemala.

Formas de decir aquí is open until March 5, 2023. Don’t miss it!

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