Liliana Porter @Les Abattoirs

Liliana Porter solo exhibition Liliana Porter, le jeu de la realité is now open at Les Abattoirs! The exhibition recounts Porter’s artistic journey with regard to the artist’s commitment and the one of the artistic community to which she belonged through more than a hundred works which expand her poetic exploration of reality, upsetting representational […]

Voluspa Jarpa @Centro Gabriela Mistral

Discover Voluspa Jarpa’s exploration of the social outbreak from the violent public demonstrations that occurred between October 2019 and March 2020 in Chile through different voices and disciplines that studies social protest, its origins and its effects in the exhibition Sindemia at Centro Gabriela Mistral. The exhibition, curated by Eugenio Viola is the result of a […]

Charwei Tsai and Guadalupe Maravilla @Gwangju Biennale

The 14th Gwangju Biennale soft and weak like water is now open and we are pleased to announce that Charwei Tsai and Guadalupe Maravilla are participating in the event. This year’s edition, curated by Sook-Kyung Lee, proposes to imagine planet earth as a site of resistance, coexistence, solidarity and care by thinking through the transformative […]

Carlos Motta @MAMBO

The latest MAMBo (Museo de Arte de Bogota) survey exhibition by Carlos Motta Stigmata is now open. The show offers a comprehensive look at the trajectory of the Colombian artist and focuses on his ongoing preoccupation with documenting the social conditions and political struggles of sexual, gender, and ethnic minority communities, aiming at challenging dominant […]

Uriel Orlow @Kunstmuseum St.Gallen

Discover Uriel Orlow’s audioinstallation Up, Up, Up at the latest Kunstmuseum St.Gallen’s exhibition Unexpected Encounters. Up, Up, Up taps into biodiversity research in the Swiss alps and the Himalayas which reveals the climb of mountain flora due to climate change. By connecting two high altitude locations from the so-called Global North and South respectively, the […]

Bouchra Khalili and Kader Attia @Es Baluard

Discover Kader Attia’s and Bouchra Khalili’s works at the latest Es Baluard exhibition Sin Rumbo. Confrontar la Imago Mundi (Aimless. Confronting Imago Mundi). The show curated by Agustin Pérez Rubio presents a new interpretation of the Museum’s Collection, whose line of research is the representation and projection of the world in its contemporaneity. Through the […]

Rosângela Rennó winner of the 2023 Kering Women In Motion Award

We are pleased to announce that Rosângela Rennó has been granted the 2023 Kering Women In Motion Award for Photography. Kering, through its Women In Motion program, is extending and strengthening its partnership with Les Rencontres d’Arles, committing to the festival for another five years as a major partner. This partnership has been initiated in […]

Bouchra Khalili @Kunsthaus Zürich

Discover Bouchra Khalili’s video Garden Conversation at the latest Kunsthaus Zürich exhibition Re-Orientations. Garden Conversation takes as a departure point the meeting in Cairo in January 1959 at the Embassy of Morocco of Ernesto Guevara and the old exiled Moroccan hero of the Rif War (1921-1926), Abdelkrim Al Khattabi. 55 years after Guevara and Khattabi’s […]

mor charpentier @Art Basel Hong Kong

Art Basel Hong Kong, is now on view! Our proposal circles back to the theme of memory, particularly understood as a trace, or an impression that transforms our perception of reality. While some of the works mix personal elements with global storylines, others explore ways of expressing remembrance, oblivion and traces of reparation. Visit us […]

Nohemí Pérez @Artpace San Antonio

Nohemí Pérez’s project, Tierra de nadie, result of her 2023 Spring residency program at Artpace San Antonio is now on view. Her installation of charcoal drawings with embroidery and watercolors is the result of her on-site research on the US-Mexico border. In her time in Texas, Pérez got to explore the border as a “non-site” […]

Carlos Motta @MAMBO

Carlos Motta’s retrospective exhibition Stigmata is now open at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá. This show explores the artist’s concern to document the social conditions and political disputes of sexual, ethnic and gender minorities, challenging normative discourses through installations, drawings, videos, photographs, sculptures, performances and collaborative projects that comprise almost three decades of […]

Alexander Apóstol and Lawrence Abu Hamdan @ICA

Discover Alexander Apóstol’s and Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s work at the ICA Institute for Contemporary Art latest exhibition So it appears. The exhibition shows how abstraction can be a visual strategy, a way of revealing the aesthetic or political challenges of what is difficult or impossible to present. Alexander Apóstol is presenting Partidos políticos que han […]

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