Guadalupe Maravilla @Liverpool Biennial

Discover Guadalupe Maravilla’s ‘Disease Thrower’ series at this year’s uMoya: The Sacred Return of Lost Things. These structures are autobiographical constructions which are at once sculptures, shrines, wearable headdresses, and healing instruments, reflecting on the artist’s own experiences as an undocumented migrant and cancer survivor. Elements of the work are crafted from objects collected during Maravilla’s […]

Théo Mercier @Villa Medici

Théo Mercier’s solo exhibition BAD TIMING is now open at Villa Medici! From a rain of cars crashed in the air on the Piazzale of Villa Medici to a series of sculptures of chairs modeled in bronze melting in the sun, the artist creates a surprising cohabitation between the remains of the past and those […]

Chen Ching-Yuan @The 2023 Taipei Biennial

We are pleased to announce that Chen Ching-Yuan will be participating in the 2023 Taipei Biennial Small World! The title “Small World” suggests both a promise and a threat: a promise of greater control over one’s own life, and a threat of isolation from a larger community following a global pandemic. This “Small World” takes […]

Théo Mercier won the Jury Prize @The Prague Quadrennial

We are pleased to announce that Théo Mercier’s site-specific installation GUT CITY PUNCH has won the Jury Prize at the Prague Quadrennial The project formulates a radical production model based on the borrowing of materials in short circuit, somewhere in tension between a maximalist visual impact and a minimalist ecological impact. It offers the spectacle […]

Uriel Orlow winner of the 2023 Prix Meret Oppenheim

We want to congratulate Uriel Orlow for receiving the 2023 Swiss Grand Award for Art/Prix Meret Oppenheim to outstanding artists, architects, curators, researchers and critics. The prize highlights Orlow’s research-based, process-oriented projects which often dialogue with other disciplines and unfold over extensive periods of time. The Prix Meret Oppenheim is awarded on the recommendation of […]

mor charpentier @Art Basel Basel

Art Basel Basel is now open! Our project this year focuses on the perpetual motion of natural elements as a constant plurality in the human experience. Our booth aims to highlight how different artists place matter —not only the four “primordial” elements but others with equal symbolic charge, such as wood, coal or sound— at […]

Rossella Biscotti @Gropius Bau

Discover Rossella Biscotti’s Buru Works at the latest Gropius Bau exhibition Indigo Waves and Other Stories. Inspired by The Buru Quartet (1980-1988), a literary series by Pramoedya Ananta Toer that recounts stories of oppression and dissent set in South-East Asia which explore how nationhood has been narrated through the bodies of women, Biscotti produced a […]

New Exhibition: Cicatrices @mor charpentier

We are pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition at mor charpentier Paris: Cicatrices Through the work of seven artists this show intends to talk about the bodies from the place of the wound. The exhibition investigates the forms of representation of the anatomy, with special attention to the fragment, to details that expose a fracture […]

Guadalupe Maravilla @ICA Boston

Guadalupe Maravilla’s solo show Mariposa Relámpago at ICA Boston is now open. The exhibition presents a selection of recent installations, sculptures and retablos by Guadalupe Maravilla. At its center is Mariposa Relámpago (Lightning Butterfly), a newly commissioned work for the ICA Watershed and the artist’s largest sculpture to date. Mariposa Relámpago is part of the […]

Yoshua Okón @Institut Culturel du Mexique

Discover Yoshua Okón‘s work Canned Laughter as part of AMEXICA exhibition at Institut Culturel du Mexique in Paris. The work was created as part of an invitation to Ciudad Juárez in which artists were asked to create works based on their experience in the city during a period of extreme violence. It focuses on Ciudad Juárez […]

Bianca Bondi nominee to Reiffers Art Initiatives Prize

We are pleased to announce that Bianca Bondi is one of the nominees for this year’s Reiffers Art Initiatives Prize. Reiffers Art Initiatives awards and emerging French artist whose works invite us to look at the world differently, in its complexity and diversity. This year, Bondi is part of the group of five artists which […]

Liliana Porter winner of the 2023 Tomás Francisco Prieto Award

We are pleased to announce that Liliana Porter has been granted the 2023 Tomás Francisco Prieto Award. The award highlights Porter’s artistic trajectory and international career, as well as her broad material language and the techniques she has developed throughout her life. The artist will have a solo retrospective show at the Museo Casa de […]

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