Théo Mercier @Luma Westbau

Théo Mercier’s second chapter of his OUTREMONDE cycle: Dream Hunters hosted at Luma Westbau is now open! The installation presents sand-sculpted beds and dogs in a labyrinth of elements linked with the concepts of rest and regeneration. The performative activations reflect on the way in which the intimate and the affective are invested with suspense, possibilities, […]

New Artist @mor charpentier

We are pleased to announce that Rayan Yasmineh will be joining mor charpentier as a represented artist. His work freely appropriates the codes of art history, consciously fluctuating between the perpetuation of tradition and the breach of conventions. In his portraits he combines Middle Eastern culture, mythologies and iconography with contemporary Western identities. His paintings bring […]

Bouchra Khalili @Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig

Discover Bouchra Khalili’s The Typographer at the latest Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig’s exhibition Flashback: forward. The show proposes a kind of study room that is accessible to everyone, allowing an artistic discursive frame of reference which is related to teaching and the academy’s ways of operating and representing itself. The Typographer refers to the avant-garde […]

Liliana Porter @The Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

The artistic gesture of drawing lines in the space —either the real exhibition space or the virtual realm of representation, and the relations between the two— was at the center of Liliana Porter’s practice during the 1970s. She experimented with geometric shapes, and featured images of geometric forms or parts of the artist’s body and […]

Teresa Margolles, Kader Attia and Paz Errázuriz @MAVI

Discover Teresa Margolles, Kader Attia and Paz Errázuriz‘s works at the latest MAVI exhibition Así van las cosas (The Way Things Go). The show questions the notion of instability and precarity, next to the idea of progress from different points of view regarding the social, economic and political contexts of our days. Teresa Margolles’ Ya […]

Liliana Porter @Saint Louis Art Museum

Discover Liliana Porter’s work Fox in the Mirror at Saint Louis Art Museum. The showcase of Liliana Porter Fox in the mirror presents the video composed by a series of vignettes that depict different objects, like small toys and memorabilia from flea markets, who are coupled with choir music, piano scores and solo chants. For […]

mor charpentier @Art Basel Hong Kong

We are pleased to announce our participation in this year’s Art Basel Hong Kong. For our booth this year, we have prepared a Daniel Correa Mejía solo show. In his figurative paintings, the artist crystallizes a dreamlike inner world filled with unfamiliar landscapes that undulate across the canvas as if moved by a spiritual force. […]

Charwei Tsai @St. Paul Church, Munich

Discover Charwei Tsai‘s installation Feather Project at St. Paul’s Church in Munich, as part of the exhibition project “Searching…”, in the dialogue between art, church and science proposed by DG Kunstraum Diskurs Gegenwart. The installation consists of a pile of inscribed quills resting on a large mirror centered on an octagonal seating platform. The texts […]

Bianca Bondi @Lille3000

Discover Bianca Bondi installation Not a place but a feeling at the latest Lille3000 exhibition: Novacene. The exhibition takes its name from the English environmentalist James Lovelock’s book Novacene, where the author images a new era marked by climatic and environmental upheavals due to human activity. Novacene explores above all the path that we still […]

Kader Attia and Théo Mercier @La Vieille Charité

Discover Kader Attia and Théo Mercier works at La Vieille Charité exhibition Objets migrateurs – Trésors sous influences. The show proposes a look upon the concept of migration as a constitution of civilization, focusing on the objects as carriers of cultural enrichment. The exhibition presents Kader Attia‘s Les entrelacs de l’objet, where the artist addresses […]

mor charpentier @ Frieze New York

We are pleased to announce our participation in Frieze New York, opening on May 18th. For Frieze New York 2022 mor charpentier presents a program showcasing different reassessments of the subjectivity –male identity in particular– throughout several conceptual strategies. Our booth wants to question the idea of “fragile masculinity”, an anti-heroic take on the subject […]

Kader Attia, Uriel Orlow and Lawrence Abu Hamdan @Berlin Biennale

We are excited to announce that Kader Attia will be the curator of the 12th Berlin Biennale, which will take place form June 11 to September 18, 2022. The artist proposal is concerned with decolonial thinking as an ongoing conversation that allows reparation in different spheres of society. Attia is particularly interested in the notion […]

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