Bianca Bondi and Guadalupe Maravilla @Noor Riyadh Festival

We are pleased to announce that Bianca Bondi and Guadalupe Maravilla will be participating in this year’s Noor Riyadh Festival: The Bright Side of the Desert Moon. The event, curated by Jérôme Sans, will illuminate Riyadh with large-scale light art installations, building projections, performances, and more. Artworks will be displayed in public spaces across five […]

mor charpentier @Paris +

We are pleased to announce our participation at this year’s Paris+ by Art Basel! Through a wide range of different artistic practices that introduce weaving, embroidery or ceramics as part of their efforts to interpret the present, our proposal wants to explore several forms of craftsmanship —encompassing the ancestral and the contemporary— and their connections to […]

New exhibition @mor charpentier

We are pleased to invite you to Guadalupe Maravilla’s upcoming show at mor charpentier: La Alegría del Fuego. Maravilla’s first solo show in France combines pre-colonial Central American ancestry, personal mythology, and collaborative works, tracing the history of his own displacement and that of others. Culling the entangled fictional and autobiographical genealogies of border crossing […]

Bouchra Khalili @2023 Prix Marcel Duchamp exhibition

We are thrilled to announce that tomorrow the 2023 Prix Marcel Duchamp exhibition opens at Centre Pompidou, in which Bouchra Khalili is one of the nominees. Khalili’s practice unites from co-founding a film library in Tangiers over a decade ago to mastering the art of storytelling through film, video installations, photographs, and more. Her projects serve […]

mor charpentier @Frieze London

We are pleased to announce our participation at this year’s Frieze London. Our booth presents a project based on the notion of “imagined communities” and how they manifest in artistic practices characterized by hybridization and multiplicity. Our proposal regarding the concept of nation as an imagined political community. The dialogue between the works presented analyzes […]

Hajra Waheed @CAM St. Louis

Hajra Waheed’s first major museum solo exhibition in the US Hajra Waheed: A Solo Exhibition curated by Wassan Al-Khudhairi is now open at CAM St. Louis! This exhibition presents Waheed’s distinct visual language of using the ordinary to convey the profound. Central to the exhibition is Hum (2020)—the artist’s seminal multi-channel musical composition and sound […]

Kader Attia @Tailand Biennale

We are pleased to announce that Kader Attia will be participating in the third edition of the Thailand Biennale. This year’s theme is Open World, titled after the eponymous Buddha sculpture enshrined in the thirteenth-century Wat Pa Sak temple. The event hopes to enrich the province’s artistic community as well as further its metamorphosis into […]

Nohemí Pérez @Bienal das Amazônias

Discover Nohemí Pérez’s work at the Bienal das Amazônias. Pérez is presenting some pieces of her Ruido del hombre series, which explore some of the artist’s interest in the fires that have taken place in the Catatumbo region. These big compositions show diverse illegal groups moving through forests and jungles in Latin America, the constant […]

New exhibition @mor charpentier Bogota

Nicolás Paris’ solo show at mor charpentier Bogotá Naturaleza Doméstica o un lugar para el autoaprendizaje is now on view! The in situ project challenges the idea of ​​a domestic environment, promoting a constant dialogue between different works that promotes the continuous learning of each of the visitors. Through relocation, the use of metaphors and […]

Lawrence Abu Hamdam @MUAC

Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s solo exhibition Crímenes transfronterizos at MUAC – UNAM is now open! The show opens up a space for political listening in which sound reveals itself to us and becomes a key witness for denunciation. Abu Hamdan’s intention is to catch a glimpse of the narrative hiding behind the official story and to give […]

Paz Errázuriz @La Maison de l’Amérique

Paz Errázuriz’s solo exhibition Histoires Inachevées at La Maison de l’Amérique is now open! The show curated by Béatrice Andrieux presents more than 120 photographs from the Chilean artist, which deal with the parallel and separate worlds from the common photographed subjects. Her intention is to encourage the public to look at the part of reality that society […]

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