New Exhibition: The Ship of these-us @mor charpentier Paris

We are pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition, Chen Ching-Yuan’s solo show The Ship of these-us.

His paintings highlight the tension between the group and the individual in China, tension that is even stronger in Taiwan in its own context. The Taiwanese artistic scene has been actively responding to these preoccupations, and Chen Ching-Yuan is not unconnected to this creative environment. The artist’s practice is impregnated with a strong Surrealist influence as well, since he is part of an artistic heritage where metaphors, suggestions and symbols are commonplace. The appeal of his paintings also lies in the creation of a temporary truth, an intermediate entrance that allows the viewer to grasp the essence of Chen Chin-Yuan’s work, which aims to touch reality, without ever really reaching it. It is precisely within this temporal and imaginary threshold that the artist’s work can be realized.

The Ship of these-us will open tomorrow Saturday October 8th at 18h. See you there!