New Exhibition: Niñas @morcharpentier Bogotá

We are excited to announce our upcoming exhibition in Bogotá: Paz Errázuriz solo show Niñas.

For our second exhibition in our gallery in Colombia we have prepared four big corpus of Paz Errázuriz’s oeuvre in order to trace some of her transversal interests in her career as photographer. Errázuriz has described her photographs as a practice that can be read as a permanent autoportrait.

By this means, she has frequently focused with particular attention in the body of various types of women. Working women of all conditions; women in private and in the public space; biological women and trans women; sophisticated, humble, indigenous women, prostitutes… All of them portrayed with the greatest dignity and respect, but also with the utmost tenderness and affection, reflecting a feminine policy of care.

Niñas opens on Friday April 22th at 7pm. Come by!

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