New Exhibition: Las Huellas del Viento @mor charpentier

We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming exhibition Las Huellas del Viento, Daniel Otero Torres’ first solo show at mor chapentier.

The exhibition delves into a series of diverse cultural, iconographic and mythological references that converge with the artist’s personal memories. The works presented are framed by the idea of non-linear time, but rather a cyclical and multiform concept in which different pasts, presents, and futures can coexist, connected to each other by links of meaning.

The work of Daniel Otero Torres is the result of an exercise of awareness and reassessment of history through different images and emblems. Some of these are corn, bananas and poppy flowers; all of them filled with an enormous cultural and symbolic load, particularly in Latin America. Also, the ceramics presented have been modeled after a variety of sources: Greek, Etruscan, pre-Columbian pottery. They own completely original forms, and their surfaces alternate totemic images with vernacular culture, technology or science fiction.

Las Huellas del Viento opens tomorrow June 23rd. See you there!