mor charpentier @ARCO Madrid

ARCO 2023, is now on view!

Visit us in booth 9C04 to explore our proposal regarding reparation and time. On the one hand, a series of works delve into the overflow of the borders and limits of human communities, focusing on reparation and reconciliation as liberating forces with enormous transformative power. This is shown in Guadalupe Maravilla‘s material exploration in her new stone backpacks and the subtlety of suture in Kader Attia‘s work, among others.

On the other hand, another series of works presents a look that places the idea of ​​time as a central element in the creation of the work of art. Some examples choose chronological patterns to document reality, such as Alexander Apóstol in his proposal for color around Venezuelan political parties between the 1960s and 1990s. Some also present an artistic practice as the development of an action, or even consider the role of nature in a temporality that exceeds the duration of human existence, an evident trait in the work of Bianca Bondi.

ARCO Madrid is open until February 27. Don’t miss it!

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