Marwa Arsanios @Heidelberger Kunstverein

Marwa Arsanios’ solo exhibition at Heidelberger Kunstverein Matter of Alliances is now open.

In words of curators Søren Grammel and Mehveş Ungan, “Arsanios marks a new aesthetic perspective within the discourse shaped by Gayatri Spivak, co-founder of postcolonial theory, in her 1988 essay Can the Subaltern Speak?. At the same time, the artist expands the critique of the Eurocentric discourse to include alternative narratives of the Anthropocene: how can a new feminist and ecological consciousness contribute to its transformation? It is about time that we replace the paralyzing concerns about the end of the world with innovative and alternative models of care for the planet. How can human destruction of nature open up new fields of action?”

Matter of Alliancess at Heidelberger Kunstverein is on view until April 30th. Don’t miss it!

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