Liliana Porter @The Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

The artistic gesture of drawing lines in the space —either the real exhibition space or the virtual realm of representation, and the relations between the two— was at the center of Liliana Porter’s practice during the 1970s. She experimented with geometric shapes, and featured images of geometric forms or parts of the artist’s body and sought to complicate the distinction between object and image, work and context and layers of representation. She also explored these ideas of continuation and interaction in a series of wall installations that included pencil drawing and photographs of the artist’s hands.

In her installation Untitled (Triangle), three photographs of the artist’s hands are connected by a graphite line drawn directly onto the wall, forming a triangle. The work is part of a series of installations she initiated in the early 1970s that linked drawing and photography.

The work is currently on view in the The Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition Drawing without Paper, which explores an expanded notion of drawing.

Drawing without Paper is open until 18 September 2022. Don’t miss it!

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