Liliana Porter: Other Situations

??????? ??????: ????? ??????????, the latest El Museo del Barrio’s publication is now available. The book centers on the eponymous exhibition featuring the works of Liliana Porter organized by SCAD in 2017, and subsequently presented at El Museo in 2018.

The book retrospective includes references to Porter’s vintage works such as her ???????? murals series and ????????? ?????? ???? ????????, pieces where she reflects upon the gesture of drawing lines in the space and body, respectively. Porter’s practice during the 1970 centered on the experimentation with geometric shapes, with self portraits, where she explored the real and virtual realms of representation in these pieces. The artist chose images and objects to comment on the archetypal figures’ perception of them having volume in the bidimensional space.

Edited by Humberto Moro, this is the first publication to incorporate material related to the artist’s theatrical work. ??????? ??????: ????? ?????????? is available at El Museo’s website.