Liliana Porter @Saint Louis Art Museum

Discover Liliana Porter’s work Fox in the Mirror at Saint Louis Art Museum.

The showcase of Liliana Porter Fox in the mirror presents the video composed by a series of vignettes that depict different objects, like small toys and memorabilia from flea markets, who are coupled with choir music, piano scores and solo chants.

For this video, Porter collaborated with Sylvia Meyer for the accompanying music, which expresses a range of feelings, going from nostalgia to intimacy between vignettes. The work also juxtaposes political imagery next to apolitical objects, questioning the distinction between these categories in material items.

Liliana Porter: Fox in the Mirror is curated by Andrea Ferber, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellow for Prints, Drawings, and Photographs. The video will be on view until September 11, 2022 at Saint Louis Art Museum. Don’t miss it!

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