Lawrence Abu Hamdan @Museo Reina Sofía

Discover Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s video installation ?????? ???????? as part of Museo Reina Sofía Collection Chapter 8. Exodus and Communal Life, a section worried about multiple and transversal forms of resistance inscribed in a cycle of interconnected global uprisings.

In the installation ?????? ????????, the artist produces a sound essay that explores the functioning of the wall as a political device, the violence that this architectural mechanism exercises on certain communities, and its key role in cases of human rights violations.

?????? ???????? shows Lawrence Abu Hamdan behind the windows of an infamous cold war-era recording studio in former East berlin. He speaks to the viewer about the permeability of walls, citing in the process the US Supreme court thermal imaging case Kyllo v. United States (2001), the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius and the survivors of Saydnaya prison.

Get to see the ?????? ???????d at the first floor of the Museo de Reina Sofía.