Lawrence Abu Hamdan @Centre Pompidou

Discover Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s evolving performance Daght Jawi, a site-specific presentation regarding sonic warfare at Centre Pompidou tomorrow June 22, 2022.

In the frame of the museum’s Planétarium. Cartographies Cotemporaines programme, Lawrence Abu Hamdan will present this extended audio-visual essay which starting point was his own detailed documentation of the sky over Lebanon—the result of filming more than 400 videos of Israeli fighter planes and drones.

Daght Jawi analyses background noise and atmospheres of violence through clustering and evolving ongoing research, initially conducted between May 2020 and May 2021. The newly extended audio-visual essay brings to life this roaring sky in a chronological order, alongside live audio processing. Abu Hamdan’s atmosphere emerges in multitudinous ways—moving seamlessly from the quotidian to the menacing; the limitless to the contained.

Daght Jawi will take place for the first time in France tomorrow at 19h at Centre Pompidou. The performance was showcased this year at the Sharjah Art Foundation. Don’t miss it!

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