Lara Almarcegui @PAC Milano

Discover Lara Almarcegui’s video Gravera at the latest PAC Milano exhibition PERFORMING PAC. Take me to the place I love, which explores the relationship between contemporary art and nature.

Gravera offers a geological perspective of the Lleida area and the Segre River plain through the relationship between the built environment and the extensive mountain belt of the Pyrenees, formed between 80 and 20 million years ago when the Iberian Peninsula collided with the rest of Europe.

The exhibition proposes the idea of landscape as an organism, as a subject, as an interlocutor, portrayed and recounted in all its complexity. It also conceives the man as his interlocutor in a dialogue integrated into the macrocosm.

PERFORMING PAC. Take me to the place I love is open until November 11, 2022. Don’t miss it! 

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