Kader Attia @Sharjah Biennial 15

Discover Kader Attia‘s installation Hypomnemata at the current 15th Sharjah Biennial: Thinking Historically in the Present.

Attia explores the concept of ‘hypomnemata’, or artificial memory supports, and their role in shaping individual and societal memory. From prehistoric bones to modern technology, these external memory aids have expanded our neural memory and have left their mark on our contemporary society.

 Kader Attia specifically focuses on the earth architectures of the Mzab Valley in the Algerian Sahara Desert and their plagiarism by Western colonial powers. He sheds light on the one-way extraction of knowledge and aesthetics by the Western empire, from the hands of the Mozabite people to the Western avant-garde artists, and how this still haunts our consumerist landscape today. He gives us this insightful look into the legacy of colonialism and the impact it has on our society.

The 15th Sharjah Biennial: Thinking Historically in the Present is on view until June 11, 2023. Don’t miss it!

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