Kader Attia @MO.CO

We are pleased to announce the next monographic exhibition of Kader Attia, Descent into Paradise, at MO.CO

Inspired by MO.CO.’s vertical geography, it reflects on reparation and transcendence, questioning verticality as a vital, spiritual movement, just as past wounds irrigate present fractures across eras in a back-and-forth flow akin to rain’s transformative descent. While bearing witness to Attia’s poetic, aesthetic concerns rooted in a practice merging form and content, the exhibition features major works alongside new pieces like an immersive installation with a film shot in northern Thailand and a rainstick installation explicitly created for MO.CO. Attia’s philosophically and politically impactful works explore how spirituality enables escaping History’s grip.

Descent into Paradise opens on June 22, 2024. Don’t miss it!

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