Kader Attia @Mathaf Doha

Discover Kader Attia latest solo exhibition ????? ?????: ?? ??????? at Mathaf Doha.

The exhibition focuses on silence as a phenomenon that can trigger the need to scream through a series of works that reflect upon the concept of postcolonial trauma and the process of “repair”. Presenting pieces of Attia’s practice over the last two decades, the show deals with topics affecting all humanity while looking specifically at the Middle East and North Africa.

?? ??????? was conceived for Doha, a multicultural city of migration, and it aims to engage the audience in reflections on issues of heritage and aspiration, convention and transgression, colonialism and liberation, the local and the transnational. All these subjects are constantly addressed in Attia’s work.

????? ?????: ?? ??????? is open until March 31st, 2022. Don’t miss it!

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