Kader Attia and Théo Mercier @La Vieille Charité

Discover Kader Attia and Théo Mercier works at La Vieille Charité exhibition Objets migrateurs – Trésors sous influences. The show proposes a look upon the concept of migration as a constitution of civilization, focusing on the objects as carriers of cultural enrichment.

The exhibition presents Kader Attia‘s Les entrelacs de l’objet, where the artist addresses the subject of restitution of non-Western artifacts, especially African objects. The work includes the voices of historians, philosophers, activists, psychoanalysts and economists. Here, the artist gathers the varying standpoints together, without apportioning blame, in order to achieve a nuanced analysis of the topic through the sculptures and the video presented.

On the other hand, Théo Mercier‘s Sans Titre is presented too. The installation is built from a personal collection of hundreds broken or worm-eaten African masks he has gathered over the years, through which the artist weaves a parallel between the history of men and the history of objects, of their use and their representation.

Objets migrateurs – Trésors sous influences is open until October 16, 2022. Don’t miss it!

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