Hajra Waheed @B7L9 Art Station, Tunis

The exhibition “Seen and Unseen” brings together, from 29 January to 7 March 2021, the works of Amina Saoudi Aït Khay (Morocco-Tunisia), Hajra Waheed (Canada), Hanaa Malallah (Iraq), Stéphanie Saadé (Lebanon), and Shilpa Gupta (India). These five artists explore a multiplicity of trajectories through diverse media and approaches, including textile, video, installation, mixed media, and repurposed everyday objects. With a tendency to the poetic, these artists weave together perceptions of space and time through their introspective investigations. A deliberate choice to veer from the polemical and the documentary to the elliptic and the poetic allows for a great degree of expressiveness with unexpected material. The show features Hajra Waheed’s “The Spiral” (2019).

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