Fredi Casco for Fondation Cartier @Lille3000

Discover Fredi Casco’s Dibujo para no olvidar for Fondation Cartier in the frame of Lille3000, Utopia. The exhibition Les Vivants encourages us, by looking and listening, to consider non-humans as our equals within a vast shared world that belongs to all living creatures.

Dibujo para no olvidar is a video which is located in the north of Paraguay, between the borders with Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. Fredi Casco and Fernando Allen went to meet some exceptional artists from the Ishir, Guaraní and Nivaclé communities, three of the nineteen indigenous communities which live in conditions of poverty and exclusion. The video explores the problems of massive deforestation and the colonization of their lands as constant threats for the people and their culture. The film reflects upon these stories thinking about the role of the land in these constant processes.

Les Vivants is open until October 2nd, 2022. Don’t miss it!

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