Nohemí Pérez is the winner of the FPT For Sustainable Art Award @Artissima Fair

We are glad to announce that Nohemí Pérez has been granted the FPT For Sustainable Art Award at Artissima Fair for her work Apuntes para quemas showcased in our booth.

The award celebrates her approach to the Andean forest and the Colombian jungles through the use of charcoal and embroidery in her work, exploring the tension between the natural and the human elements in the rich Catatumbo region. Pérez is interested in honoring these natural zones which have been affected by fires, mineral exploitation, and global warming consequences.

The Award by FPT Industrial is a tool to investigate sustainability in the creative process in a broader sense, highlighting how each artwork is the result of an evolution that encounters, in all its phases, people, materials, lives, and which must find harmony between organizational, logistical and economic mechanisms.

Thanks to the juries Hélène Guenin, Markus Reymann and Gian Maria Tosatti.