Marwa Arsanios films @Rotterdam Film Festival

Marwa Arsanios’ video I’ve Heard Stories: Part 1 is part of the Spectrum Shorts programme of the the Rotterdam Film Festival. This film explores various ways to narrate an incident that once took place in the mythical Hotel Carlton. Against images of the deserted hotel today, the artist sketches situations that evoke the rumours once circulated there about a murderous homosexual threesome. Also, Who Is Afraid of Ideology? Part 3: Micro Resistances will be shown online from February 4 to 7 in the Festival website. Marwa Arsanios’ trilogy Who Is Afraid of Ideology? weaves an intersectional path through the struggles of women − in places such as Northern Syria and Colombia − to claim the right to the land and to reconnect with nature in an unmediated way. Part 3: Micro Resistances takes place in Tolima, and focuses on the ongoing systemic war waged by transnational corporations against the smallest and the most essential element of life − the seed.

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