Teresa Margolles

Teresa Margolles Exhibition at Kunsthalle Krems

The exhibition at the Kunsthalle Krems focuses on a recent topical aspect of Margolles’ work: the nearly hopeless situation of transgender prostitutes in Ciudad Juárez, the city with the highest rate of violent crime in Mexico. For her series Pistas de Baile (2016) she took photographs of transgender prostitutes posing on the remnants of demolished discotheques […]

Teresa Margolles, Fredi Casco and Edgardo Aragon at the MAMM in Medellin, Colombia

Taking place at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín (MAMM), in Colombia, and then traveling to Museo Amparo, Puebla (Mexico), the exhibition departs from the shared experience of death and extinction that has traversed Latin America since colonial times and its various manifestations. From the figure of the undead, who incarnated early capitalist slave […]

Teresa Margolles at BPS22 in Belgium

The BPS22 is hosting the first solo exhibition in Belgium by Teresa Margolles: “TU T’ALIGNES OU ON T’ALIGNE”. Several of the artist’s iconic works are exhibited alongside newer pieces, some of them linked to the city of Charleroi.

Sala Alcalá 31

Teresa Margolles, Alexander Apóstol, Yoshua Okón and Oscar Munoz will be among other artists at Sala Alcalá 31, an exhibition of Latin-American artist in Madrid, Spain. Show will be open until April 21.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2018

Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Saâdane Afif, Alexander Apóstol, Teresa Margolles, Carlos Motta, Oscar Muñoz & Rosângela Rennó at Art Basel Miami Beach, 2018.

ARTBO 2018

Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Saâdane Afif, Alexander Apóstol, Edgardo Aragón, Chen Ching-Yuan, Voluspa Jarpa, Teresa Margolles, Enzo Mianes, Carlos Motta, Daniel Otero Torres, Uriel Orlow, Rosângela Rennó.

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