Milena Bonilla

Milena Bonilla à Galeria Municipal do Porto

Découvrez la dernière exposition personnelle de Milena Bonilla ??? ???? ?????? ?????? à la Galeria Municipal do Porto. Cet évènement est un nouveau développement dans la recherche plus large de Milena Bonilla, qui explore les limites de l’archive et l’interprétation de l’histoire comme moyen d’articuler une possible mémoire collective. Dans ce projet, l’artiste continue à […]

Exposition collective de Milena Bonilla @ENSA Bourges

Découvrez les explorations botaniques de Milena Bonilla dans l’exposition Live Among and Turn Together qui ouvre le 27 mai à l’ENSA de Bourges. L’exposition vise à créer un espace qui étend la conversation au-delà d’une communauté de langues, d’esprits et de corps humains vers des spéculations sur les origines climatiques, minérales et botaniques du langage.

Milena Bonilla and Teresa Margolles @MOCO Montpellier

Mecarõ. Amazonia in the Petitgas Collection is the first institutional presentation of Catherine Petitgas’ collection. A significant figure in the recognition of contemporary Latin American art in Europe, she has been collecting works for over twenty years. Her collection today consists of more than 900 works. The exhibition presented at the Hôtel des collections unites a […]

Milena Bonilla @Temporary Gallery in Cologne

It is striking how popular the hobby of growing plants has become in recent years. Instagram is filled with photos of interiors decorated with potted plants (succulents seem to be particularly well liked), new blogs devoted to plant care crop up almost every day, and urban gardening is constantly on the rise. What is the […]

Milena Bonilla Group Show @Temporary Gallery

What is behind the increased interest in domesticated nature? In his “Speech About Poetry and Society”, Theodor W. Adorno claims that the sacralization of nature stems from the fact that the individual is looking for a refuge in a capitalist society in the face of alienation. In addition, nature’s reputation increases when hopes of revolutionary […]

Milena Bonilla at Framer Framed

The exhibition “Elsewheres Within Here”, investigates what we welcome, refuse, or overlook in marking the boundaries of spaces we call “home” –our bodies, houses, and countries.

Milena Bonilla at Espacio Odeon, Bogota

The works of Milena Bonilla will be part of the exhibition “TANTO QUE ME HABLASTE DEL FUTURO: ¿CUÁL FUTURO?”, on view at Espacio Odeon from the 14th of September until the 2nd of November.

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