Liliana Porter

Liliana Porter installation « Liliana Porter: Man with Axe and Other Stories » @FRIST MUSEUM

The Frist Art Museum located in Nashville, Tennessee presents Liliana Porter: Man with Axe and Other Stories, a large-scale installation that will be shown with additional works by the Argentina-born artist. Porter is renowned for arranging discarded everyday objects to create theatrical vignettes that are philosophically provocative and slyly humorous. The exhibition will be on view in […]

Liliana Porter @MoMA

A new display of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art features Wrinkle (1968), one of the artist’s early photographic works. One of the most important artistic tendencies of the 1960s was a shift away from the idea that art should express the artist’s interior life. Works in this vein searched for a poetics […]

Liliana [email protected] Princessehof

The exhibition, curated by Tanya Rumpff, appeals to primary, almost animalistic traits. The sculptures and installations by a diverse group of artists comment on the difficulties of life. At first sight, Liliana Porter’s installation seems endearing. But take a closer look at the havoc wreaked by the cute miniature people and discover a deeper layer […]

Liliana Porter @MARCO, Mexico

The exhibition « El orden material de las cosas. Una lectura de la Colección Femsa » presents the work of several Latin American artist reassessing the aesthetic role of common objects.

Liliana Porter at The Kitchen

Liliana Porter and Ana Tiscornia will be c-directing the theatrical piece THEM at The Kitchen in New York. The performance will take place on October 25 and 26, 2018.

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