Lara Almarcegui

Lara Almarcegui @Festival Caceres Abierto

Cáceres Abierto est une biennale d’art contemporain qui vise à intégrer des interventions dans l’espace public, des expositions, des débats et des ateliers afin de mener une réflexion critique sur la réalité quotidienne, en encourageant le dialogue et la participation citoyenne. Lara Amarcegui participera à l’édition de cette année dans le cadre de l’exposition collective […]

Lara Almarcegui @Kröller Müller Museum

The exhibition Staging Silence, in the Kröller-Müller Museum, presents a selection of multimedia works from the museum’s collection in which silence, reflection and contemplation play a central role. For Ruins around Kröller-Müller Museum (2004), Lara Almarcegui searched for dilapidated buildings in the vicinity of the museum. She captured their decay in a photograph and thus immortalized the state […]

Lara Almarcegui @ARKDES Stockholm

Kiruna – a city in the northernmost part of Sweden – is experiencing one of the biggest urban transformation projects in recent history. The city is being relocated by three kilometres due to the expansion of the mine around which Kiruna was built. A third of the population must relocate, housing blocks and landmark buildings […]

Lara Almarcegui @Konsthal C, Stockholm

During the last three decades, the harsh neoliberalisation of economies has impacted Nordic and Baltic societies across different registers and timescales. Those developments have manifested changing relationships between the commons and privately owned lands, resulting in ecological and economical abuse of the environment, and the application of capitalist logics to urban-rural areas. Performing the Fringe is […]

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