Carlos Motta

Carlos Motta @58th Carnegie International

Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que Carlos Motta participera cette année à la Carnegie International. Is it morning for you yet? Créée en 1896, Carnegie International est la plus ancienne exposition américaine d’art international. Organisée par le Carnegie Museum of Art, l’exposition présente un panorama de la manière dont l’art et les artistes […]

Carlos Motta @Kunsthalle Vienne

Découvrez les oeuvres de Carlos Motta dans l’exposition And if I devoted my life to one of its feathers? Ouverture le 15 mai à la Kunsthalle Vienne. Organisée par Miguel A. López, l’exposition réfléchit à la logique de l’exploitation, à la rapidité de l’extraction des matières premières et à la destruction de l’environnement en tant […]

Viewing Room @Frieze New York

Des représentations spirituelles des écritures bouddhistes de Charwei Tsai à l’exploration des photos d’identité de prisonniers par Rosângela Rennó, notre prochain stand à Frieze New York explorera la pratique de l’autoportrait et de l’identité. Notre viewing room présentera des oeuvres de Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Carlos Motta, Oscar Muñoz, Liliana Porter, Rosângela Rennó, Charwei Tsai and […]

Carlos Motta @Tufts University Museum

Carlos Motta fait partie de l’exposition collective Art for the Future: Artists Call and Central American Solidarities actuellement visible aux Tuft University Galleries. Art for the Future: Artists Call and Central American Solidarities se concentre sur le mouvement précurseur des années 1980 «Artists Call Against US Intervention in Central America» qui se développe autour de […]

Carlos Motta @Guggenheim Museum

La nouvelle exposition collective du Guggenheim Museum, Off the Record rassemble des oeuvres de la collection du Guggenheim qui interrogent, révisent ou remettent en question les récits dominants et la transmission de la culture. Carlos Motta présente au sein de l’exposition l’oeuvre Brief history of US interventions in Latin America. L’exposition Off the Record ouvre […]

Alexander Apóstol, Hernando Toro, Oscar Muñoz, Carlos Motta and Rosângela Rennó in the exhibition “I wanna be with you” @MAMBO

“I wanna be with you” is a group exhibition that investigates the notions of contact, interaction, communication, proximity, exchange and collaboration strategies, in contrast to the concepts of isolation, seclusion, social distancing, detachment and separation. The project offers an exceptional itinerary of the history of Colombian and international art from the 1970s to the present. Thus, […]

Oscar Muñoz and Carlos Motta in the exhibition “De Voz a Voz” @MAMBO

Launched in partnership with the newspaper El Tiempo, “De Voz a Voz” is a nation wide artistic project that responds to the emergency caused by the COVID-19 in Colombia. Since May and twice a week, “De Voz a Voz” has involved Colombian artists of different generations; from the most recognized nationally and internationally, to those emerging and […]

Carlos Motta Highline project proposal

THE VOID is an AIDS counter-monument hosting public programs and designed by artist Carlos Motta, architect Koray Duman, and writer/organizer Theodore Kerr. Grounded in the image of Milton Glaser’s United Nations-commissioned logo for the early days of the AIDS crisis, the work features 18 months of public programming—monthly performances, rallies, presentations, and community gatherings regarding HIV […]

Carlos Motta participated in “At Plain Sight”

In Plain Sight is a coalition of 80 artists united to create an artwork dedicated to the abolition of immigrant detention and the United States culture of incarceration. A highly orchestrated mediagenic spectacle and poetic action, this project is conceived in five parts — a poetic elegy enacted on a national scale, an interactive website, an anthology docuseries, […]

Carlos Motta symposium @SF Moma

This screening of video works by artists featured in SOFT POWER expands ideas explored in the exhibition on the role of the artist as citizen. Many of the artists in the exhibition work across media and are incisive makers of time-based art including sound and moving images. Profoundly nuanced and lushly depicted works by LaToya Ruby Frazier, […]

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