Bianca Bondi nominee to Reiffers Art Initiatives Prize

We are pleased to announce that Bianca Bondi is one of the nominees for this year’s Reiffers Art Initiatives Prize.

Reiffers Art Initiatives awards and emerging French artist whose works invite us to look at the world differently, in its complexity and diversity. This year, Bondi is part of the group of five artists which will show their work in the upcoming exhibition Infiltrées – 5 manières d’habiter le monde

Bianca Bondi’s Warm in the Water is the artist first tapestry piece in which she explores the macro and microscopic relationships we have with the marine environment, focusing on the ocean’s floor. As it is common in her work, in this piece Bondi experiments with specifically chosen natural elements to examine what intrinsic properties, or “energy”, by diverse cultures they are said to possess, and how this energy can be channeled and eventually activated.

Infiltrées – 5 manières d’habiter le monde opens on May 12th, and the announcement of the winner will be in early June.

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